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‘How does it work?’

You need to provide the following information:

  • Full Part Number: This can be found on the back of the unit or under the battery in the case of a PDA.
  • Condition: We need to know if the units are working, damaged in any way or if there is anything missing e.g. hand straps or stylus. Photos of the units will be of great assistance.
  • Quantity: The total number of units that are available for sale.
  • Accessories: If you have cradles, batteries or cables in addition to the units.
  • When the stock will be available: Even if the stock is not going to be available for a couple of months, let us know as it can take time to find an interested party. We also need to make people aware should they need the stock straight away.
  • Target Price: This is the most important part of the information supplied. It gives us a price point to work to when negotiating with buyers. Please note that the price you want may not be the price that you receive. Every effort is made to achieve the best possible market price at the time. Should we receive an offer for less, the final decision rests in your hands as the current owner of the stock.


Terms & Conditions: Peacock Bros Pty Ltd does not purchase any units unless a buyer has been found. All stock is to remain with the seller unless it is agreed that Peacock Bros holds the stock on consignment. The stock will be shipped to Peacock Bros at the expense of the seller. All stock remains the property of the seller until a purchase order from Peacock Bros has been issued. We do not guarantee the sale of the stock and a buyer may take several months to find. All stock will remain on the market until advised otherwise by the seller.

Contact us to find out more on 1300 723 282


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